Feelings – how often they take us where we do not wish to go – keeping us repeating the same old patterns. Changing that dynamic starts with making a choice.


Feelings come – unbidden
Good or bad.

A sound, a smell, a word
and there they are.
We don’t ask for them
they just arrive,
like some
unexpected guest.

Invite them in
or turn them away?
The choice is ours.
For once the door is opened
and the invitation given
they bring their friends along.

When Anger is entertained,
Bitterness crowds in
with Self-pity and Mistrust
not far behind.
Hurts and humiliations long past
Fill our thoughts once more.

Shutting out any ray of hope.
Closing the window of joy,
Quenching God’s flame of love,
Extinguishing the lamp of peace
Turning our eyes inward
where all seems dark.

Our thoughts spiral down and down.
Tears fall, our heart aches,
Energy dissipates,
Darkness envelopes us.
Despair takes hold
Life seems meaningless.

But should hope come calling
and be invited in,
joy and peace come right along.
God’s flame of love
once more burns brightly
replacing darkness with His light.

Energy returns,
Expectations rise,
Emotions are revived,
Trust returns.
We look outward once again
Life is worth living!

Feelings come – unbidden
We choose to let them in.

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