Once a year, in November, our church has a “remembering” service. It has to do with remembering those that have passed on. So, I am sitting here tonight remembering my mom and how long she prayed for my step dad who, just before he died at the age of 98, made his peace with God. His final words were, “Going home tomorrow” – and that’s exactly what he did. I like to think that mom was there to welcome him.


To BE forgiven
means that
the one we have wronged
has chosen not to seek revenge
or even justice.
We are given a chance to start over;
To live our lives with nothing held against us.

To RECIEVE forgiveness,
we must admit that we are guilty.
We have to recognize
the wrong we have done.
We need to be truly sorry for
the disappointment, tears and heartache
we have caused.
We must want to right wrongs and make restitution.
True repentance
opens our hearts bringing cleansing and healing

It allows forgiveness in.

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