Endings & Beginnings

Looking at the end of another year reminds me, once again, that something ending is the beginning of something new. I guess you could call it the circle of life. So with that it mind I wrote the following several years ago.


For a farmer and his family, each year is a new beginning.
Whatever happened to the crop the year before is history.
If the harvest was good, there is money to buy new machinery,
to put in the bank and to buy new clothes.
If the crop is destroyed by flood, drought or insects
everything is put on hold and the family has to live off their savings
and borrow money for next years crop.
They mourn their loss for a time and life is hard.
But they have learned some new lessons about farming
and about themselves.
They are made aware, once again, of the circle of life
and they begin to look ahead to the new year.
The farmer starts planning what he’s going to plant,
orders his seed and prepares the soil,
knowing full well that the future is uncertain
and no harvest is guaranteed.
that the next year will be better,
is what gives them the will to go on.

Each year can be a new beginning for us as well.
Whether we have had great happiness and success
or much hurt and heart ache,
we get a chance to put the past behind us and look ahead.
We can make plans, prepare the soil and plant seeds
of gentleness, kindness and forgiveness,
and where,once,
there was pride or bitterness and envy.
we can expect a crop of love, joy and peace to grow.
And, we too, can face the future
with great

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