While I was doing some surfing I came across a website called from which I excerpted the following because I believe it says something we always need to remember.

“To enhance your quality of life and of those around you, here are some thoughts and behaviors you may wish to consider adopting:

  • I choose to spend my energy looking for the positives in others.

  • I want to be known as a person that is supporting and encouraging to others.

  • Let my eyes search only for the positives that lie within each person, and then celebrate and encourage those attributes.

  • Let my mouth speak only those words that will lift up and support another.

  • We are all imperfect.

  • We all make mistakes.

  • We are human.

  • When someone “hits the ditch” in life, let my hands reach out to help that person back onto the road without being critical of their mistake.

  • When I “hit the ditch”, may I recognize that I, too, am human. In my humanness, may I embrace an outstretched helping hand, and welcome the kind words of encouragement that come with it.”

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