“Humility isn’t putting yourself down,  it’s being honest about your weakness”.

Character development involves choice and temptation provides that opportunity. Temptation is a sign that Satan hates you, not a sign of weakness or worldliness. The more you focus on “I don’t want to do this” the stronger it draws you into its web. Turn your attention to something else.

Your focus will determine your feelings.

Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life


“If you really desire to be used by God, you must understand this powerful truth. The very experiences that you have resented or regretted the most in life – the ones you’ve wanted to hide and forget – are the experiences God wants to use to help others.

They are your ministry”

“When you minister in a manner consistent with the personality God gave you, you experience fulfillment, satisfaction and fruitfulness.”

The Purpose Driven Life

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I am a 71 year young great, great grandmother who likes to collect inspiring sayings, quotations and quips. I thought this might be the perfect forum for sharing them.


“While it’s wise to learn from experience, it is wiser to learn from the experience of others”

The Purpose Driven Life