Hard Days

You’re More than Your Hard Days

Some days you will try your best
and it will not feel like enough.
Some days the words you want to heal will hurt instead.
Some days you will question everything you do
and why you do it.
This doesn’t mean you’re a failure.
Or you should quit.
Or God is mad at you.
It just means this…
All of your days you will be human.
All of your days you will grow but not reach perfection.
All of your days there will be grace enough for you.
Keep going, friend.
Keep trying.
Keep moving forward.
I know it’s hard on some days. But you are more than those days.
And at the end of all your days you will hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
That will make it all worthwhile.
So close your eyes and remember you are loved.
Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

Holly Gerth


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