Come unto Me

Come to Me

by Maureen Pranghofer **
©Copyright March 1994

Come to Me I am the comforter
Come crawl up on My knee
Lay your head close against My heart
Find your rest in Me.

Verse 1
When it hurts too much to cry I will hold you
When you feel that you will never make it through
When you need someone to turn to
I’ll enfold you in my arms
For my child I love you


Verse 2

When the days are long and the nights feel so empty
In the loneliness I‘ll stay by your side
When you can’t explain your feelings
I’ll listen to your heart
I will hear the thoughts you hide


Verse 3

When the time is right you will know My healing
For I am the hope that never dies
I am Christ the Lord
Who lives forever
And in Me even the dead will arise

Find your rest in Me